Why is our jojoba oil the best?

best jojoba oil

We feel that our jojoba oil is not only different but also the best in the market.  Let me explain why is our jojoba oil the best?

Our jojoba oil is 100% pure, unrefined, and cold pressed from first cut.  This essentially means that it is in the purest form without any fillers nor any additives.  We monitor and manage our farmers and growers to make sure it is of the highest quality.

Most of our clients will tell you that our jojoba oil is different in primarily two ways – firstly, our jojoba oil is bright golden in color (and not pale) and secondly, our jojoba oil has a slight nutty smell to it.

Our jojoba oil is cold pressed from first cut.  First cut is the oil derived from first press of the seeds and also called as Extra Virgin.  This pressing is usually light and does not completely drain the oil from the seeds.  Although the quantity is lower, it is of highest quality with all its minerals and vitamins intact.  This light press also helps the oil retain the bright golden color and also the slight nutty smell.  If the jojoba oil does not have bright golden color, then there is a chance that solvents may be used to increase yield of the crop.  The nutty smell is a the natural smell of the jojoba oil.  In the absence of this nutty smell, you are probably getting treated or adulterated jojoba oil.

Our jojoba oil is 100% pure without any fillers, additives or solvents.  While most processors will further press the seeds and add solvents to get higher yield, we do not second press the seeds.  Whenever the second press and subsequent presses are done, the yield increases but the quality decreases drastically.  The color becomes pale and no longer golden.

If and when you order, we will provide full MSDS and CoA of every batch that we produce, further demonstrating transparency and full disclosure of our product.

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