What is jojoba oil good for?

jojoba tree with nut

Most people have heard about and know about Jojoba Oil, but may not know what is jojoba oil good for?  Some feel that it is best used for skin, some feel that it is great for body while others think it is just another oil.  So what is the reality and where all can jojoba oil used for?

Firstly, it is the only oil resembling sebum, an oily substance produced under the skin. This places it highly as pertains its uses and benefits to both skin and hair. It is also a perfect choice for those who would want to care for their hair and skin naturally. It has wide range of uses and benefits as indicated below:

Jojoba Oil over time reduces the scars and stretch marks. Massaging the vitamin-E enriched oil in the problem areas speeds up the healing of scars and fading of stretch marks over time. It is a healing property which suits for healing warts, nail fungus and athlete’s foot infections.

It is a great facial cleanser, a few drops on dry skin eliminates all impurities and rids it of dead skin adding an extra glow. Jojoba is also a good moisturizer. A few drops used overnight and daily on the skin provides a smooth naturally glowing skin as well as reduce the irritating spots and dryness.

Restore your hair moisture with jojoba. It contains vitamin B complex which enhances hair moisture. It rids the hair of dandruff, adds shine, softens hair, cleans build up and is great for dry scalps. Its powerful antioxidants help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. These antioxidants regenerate skin cells providing a youthful look and feel. Applying jojoba oil immediately after shower or bath will help seal in moisture, leaving skin softer and smoother without an oily residue.

Thinks about mascara, foundation, eye liners, powders, lipstick, and balms all away with jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a great make up remover. It is also a sunburn relief regimen. It treats sunburns, skin irritations and heat rashes. Folks love to use this because it provides a relief after a shave. Applying a few drops on the beard prevents razor burns and irritations leaving the skin smooth and moisturized.

As mentioned earlier, jojoba oil is good for sensitive skin, massaging it onto skin at home or at spa will relax your body and leave the skin moisturized naturally. It also boosts lip hydration either used as an overnight or daily regimen. Lastly, I’d like to recommend jojoba for all of you who aim to use natural and safe products. Only few can beat jojoba oil.

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