Private Labeling

private labeling bottle with pump

Our private labeling of essential and carrier oils may be leveraged if you are selling on Amazon or your own ecommerce site.  If you are a spa, health food store, pharmacy or resort and want to offer your clients these exquisite products, you can private label our products as well.

If you are interested in private labeling of essential & carrier oils, then we can assist.  Our all natural oils are available to private label with many options – whether you are looking to buy in bulk for your own DIY products or you want to sell on Amazon.  We can provide you with the purest & best essential & carrier oils and also handle your next private labeling requirement.

Minimum Order

Our minimum order quantity for private label is 64 bottles of 4 FL oz., which typically costs $350 or more depending on the type of oil. This includes all costs of bottles, labels, cartons, and delivery via Air Courier to a single destination address.

Standard Bottles

  • Glass Bottles for Essential Oils – 0.3 FL oz. (10ml), 1 FL oz. (33 ml)
  • Plastic Bottles for Carrier Oils – 4 FL oz.(120 ml), 16 FL oz.(480 ml)

Custom Labels

  • For each type of bottle, we offer printing of your labels.
  • You can provide us with your own artwork or we can create a basic label (from our pre-prepared templates).  If we are to create your label, then there will be a one time cost of $50 per product label.

Packaging & Shipping

  • All our plastic bottles in private label are packed in a single carton
  • On request, we can also provide MSDS and CoA for each of our shipment at no charge
  • We typically ship worldwide using either DHL or UPS with full tracking and insurance
  • We can ship to any country, though if there are any duties or taxes at the destination country, the buyer is responsible to pay
  • If you would like any inserts, we can create them for you as well at an extra charge.


  • We can ship to Amazon worldwide (including USA and UK) via Air Courier.
  • Once we pack your shipment, we will provide you with all the dimensions for Amazon.
  • You will then need to give us the FNSKU details (typically in PDF) and the carton label (also in PDF)
  • For FNSKU – please select US Letter – 30 labels per page


  • We can typically process your order within 1 day or 2 days and ship within another day or so
  • Typically once it shipped from our office, it will take no more than 3 days to arrive on USA
  • So for more of our products, from order to delivery, it may take a maximum of 7 days

For more information

  • If you would like any additional information, please feel free to contact us: