Carrier Oils

What are Carrier Oils
Carrier Oils are base oils with which other essential oils and absolutes may be diluted before applying directly to the skin or body.  Without any base oil or carrier oils, any essential oil applied directly may cause irritation and sometimes even skin burn.  Each carrier oil offers different properties, characteristics and applications.  Carrier oils are usually extracted from plant parts: usually seeds, pulp, kernel or nuts and often made through a process known as cold-pressing and maceration. Ranging from clear to dark in color, you will experience no discomfort when using carrier oils since they are non-greasy. The carrier oils can last up to one year – as such no need to worry if you cannot use it on a daily basis.

List of Best Carrier Oils

It is best to buy carrier oils which are cold pressed so that all beneficial properties can be retained.  Though not good for cooking, cold-pressed oils are excellent for skin because they preserve natural constituents, opulent in antioxidants and free of pesticide residues. More processing of oil lessens the quality.

The Benefits of Using Carrier Oils

  • Carrier oils guarantee the effectiveness of essential oils. With their carrier characteristic, they ensure the essential oils do not evaporate but gets onto the skin
  • Reduces the wastage of essential oils during topical application. They can easily be absorbed into the skin and this facilitates their carrier
  • Fatty acids existing in oils such as Rosehip oil stimulates the construction of collagen which helps in reducing sunburns and stretch
  • Coconut oil is naturally anti-fungal giving it the capability in fighting unfriendly bacteria.
  • Other benefits which are worth-mentioning are moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, healing, hydrating, stimulate skin cells for regeneration, and antioxidants.

Characteristics of Carrier Oils

  • A few have trivial smells and others have no aroma at all
  • Carrier oils do not evaporate. Basically, the reason they are used as carriers for the more volatile essential oils onto the skin
  • Most carrier oils have melting points closer to the body temperature suggesting their easy dissolving capability
  • They possess a healing property protecting the skin from deep-seated damage. They have mineral and vitamins that help in attaining this.
  • Their moisturizing effect helps in restoring dry skin. This is why they are used in most lotions.

Drawbacks of Carrier Oils

It is crucial, however, to note that some oils cannot be used on their own – so experts always advise to mix the carrier oils with other types of essentials oils. Therapist and massage experts are experienced on this matter and sometimes make their own blends. For the usage at home, directions have to be read carefully and in unclear circumstances, it is advisable to seek advice from physicians or health professionals.

For health issues, it is prudent to avoid mineral oils because they are petroleum based with polarizing effect and can’t let your skin breath. Settle for the more vitamin rich oils.