All natural essential oils and carrier oils for private label and wholesale.

Our Carrier Oils

ARAN Natural Oils is a small manufacturer of all natural oils.  We process seeds of some oils to extract oil and buy from reputed suppliers other oils.  All our natural oils, be it carrier oil or essential oils are free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.  We do not use any form of fillers, additives, or solvents just to increase our yield.  Our first cut, cold pressed are of best quality and ideally suited for cosmetic industry. We are confident of our quality that we will give you in writing all the MSDS and CoA for every batch when requested either before or after purchase.

We strongly believe in all natural oils to help in natural skin care, natural hair care, natural body care and natural face care.  It is our attempt to provide our clients with the most pure, extra virgin, first cut of cold pressed oils without any pesticides and other harmful chemicals.  We always use our own products too and cannot imagine selling our clients products that we don’t use of our own.

You can buy from us with confidence and be assured that you will be getting only pure and natural products.